LPZ Media

Our creative culture is built on a multidisciplinary foundation of passionate raconteurs dedicated to moving pictures and capturing time. Founded in 2010 around a culture of burgeoning directors, editors and producers – who have collectively worked with the best creatives, on the best brands, and around the best people. We take pride in our talented network of artists and educators, who are dedicated not only to commercial storytelling – but to our own films, students, independent art projects, writings and music.

Our Imagination Drives Us

From featurettes to music videos, our team is dedicated to creating professional story-driven content. Take a look at our social media presence for the latest updates and don’t forget to check out our portfolio for countless examples of the range of our work.

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We’ve nurtured a network of independent multimedia artists throughout the world – all of whom eager to collaborate on the next challenging project. Through the New Media spectrum, we offer professional development for clients, educators, vendors, and curious people alike. Our consultancy is rooted with an emphasis on media literacy – for organizations interested in developing digital communication practices.

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